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THIS IS (X) is a DIY urban handbook that serves to inspire architects, citizens, urban planners, politicians, cultural platforms and organisations to think ”bottom-up” instead of ”top-down”. The book is inspired by Institut for (X), a laboratory for bottom-up hands-on urban development in Aarhus.

In 2018 Institut for (X) will change to make way for a new architecture school in Aarhus, and the municipal development of the Godsbanen area. This fact has been on the table ever since we took over the first building, so we hold no hard feelings – but the deadline made us wonder: what is Institut for (X)?

This book is an attempt to communicate the complex DNA of Institut for (X), by addressing the What?, How? and Why? of the structure, history, methods and philosophies of the platform.

THIS IS (X) has a fragmented, thematical structure. Institut for (X) includes a myriad of different people, projects, companies, communities, methods and philosophies operating on it every day, and the only way to understand it is in fragments, or themes. The themes were identified during workshops with the platform’s inhabitants in 2014, and expanded further by the editors.

Pages 576
Weight 1,5kg


1.Edition, 1.print 2015
ISBN 978-87-998426-0-5

(copyleft) Sophie Haack & Ari Marteinsson, USE
Please use and reproduce anything in this book in any way you choose. No permission from the publisher is required.

Editors: Sophie Haack & Ari Marteinsson

Graphic design: USE

Proof reading: Mikkeline Lerche Daa Natorp

Published by: USE books

Print: Narayana Press

Copies: 600

Paper: 100g Munken Premium Cream 13, 130g Munken Lynx,
150g Gloss Luxo Magic, 250g Homogen Karton.

Fonts: American Typewriter, Andale Mono, Arial, Arial Black, Arial Rounded, Avenir, Baskerville, Big Caslon, Birch Std, Blackoak Std, Brush Script, Chalkboard, Charcoal, Comic Sans MS, Cooper Std Black, Copperplate, Courier, Courier New, Didot, Geneva, Georgia, Gill Sans, Helvetica, Impact, Krungthep, Lucida Grande, Marker Felt, Minion Pro, Monaco, Myriad Pro, OCR A Std, Papyrus, Times, Times New Roman, Verdana and ZXX.

Special Thanks: Mads Peter Laursen, Bureau Detours, Michael Roloff, Rakel Naavik, Thomas Markussen, Brett A. Bloom, Rakel Naavik, Steen Andersen, Mie Gemmer, Ulla Aude, Pernille Kofoed, Laurs Laursen, Janus Novak, Arnar Òmarsson, Mads Binderup, Mads B. Sørensen, Peter Christensen, Claudine Zia, Rasmus Platz Markersen, Rasmus Nørfeldt, Myles Haughton, Yvonne Buer, Albert Helmig, Niels Kristian Egense Møller + The Vikings, Christian Juul, Abdul Dube, Kaare Viemose, Lasse Gyllström, Kristian Ravnsbæk Moltesen, Anne Eggebrech, Alexander Muchenberger, Fridgeir Jóhannes Kristjánsson, Victor Givois, William Thiemer, Anne Therese Skov, Klaus Krienke, Carl Frischknecht, Manjusri Hendriks, Frederik P. Jensen and all the inhabitants at Institut for (X).

Published with funding from: OFF2017, Aarhus Kulturudviklingspulje, Bergiafonden, Mads Peter Laursen and Institut for (X)

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